February 8, 2017

About Us

Pete ground services  (Agribusiness) is a registered limited liability company in Nigeria with the registration number RC 774160 and also a company licensed by the Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC) to export commodities from Nigeria with the export license number NE/29770/LA/2016. Even though our parent operation for several years has been and is still in the aviation ground operations we have become experts in the trading and exportation of Agricultural Produce.

Our main products for exportation are;

  1. Dried Hibiscus Flower
  2. Dried Hibiscus Shifings
  3. Dried Split Ginger
  4. Sesame Seeds (white and light brown)
  5. Raw Cashew Nuts
  6. Hardwood charcoal
  7. Cocoa Beans.

Our system is so well advanced that we can have consignment ready for you or delivered to you within the shortest period of your order anywhere in the world. We understand the requirement of our business, individual clients, corporate and government clients and appreciate that sometimes things just need to be done in a hurry. That’s why we make it so simple for you to buy from us.

Our supply system is so simple, if you place an order, we deliver within the agreed order terms.

At Pete Ground Services, you are assured of quality services that are provided with the highest standards of technical support.

Do you have you got a supply challenge now? Let us take it immediately.

We will be glad to serve you